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10 free Apps to learn the German Language

You are a refugee and have just reached Germany? The German language is the most important key to success in this country. So do not lose time and start learning German through your smartphone.

How can you do that?

I’ve compiled 10 apps help you to learn the German language for free. Some applications will also allow you to communicate and make friends with other learners or native speakers .

1. DuoLingo

This app helps you to learn through repetition of sentences by native speakers, and your training on the translation from English to German and vice versa, and the connection between word and image and word order to get on a useful phrase , in addition to multiple choice questions.

The application ensures that you do not get bored: Through video games, correct questions will allow you to quickly jump to higher levels, and if you chose a wrong answers , you will lose your level and you may have to relevel from the beginning. The app rewards your success by given you virtual currency may enable you to buy a new level opportunities or to participate in other courses

2. Rosetta Stone

This app is characterized by brilliant style in education, you will not be obliged to translate words from English, but will help you by the wonderful combination of images, sounds, text and videos to learn the new language without any intermediate translation. This is the way for children to learn their native language . The app also provides you with the possibility of communicating with other learners with the same language, or native speakers .

3., 4. und 5. – Memrise, Anki, Babbel

The three apps are similar in many respects, they are all focused on the learners to give them greatest linguistic wealth „vocabulary“, using the method of „divergent repetition“ – any repetition of words saved on distances of time apart. It is what helps keeping the words in longterm memory, as words are placed in different linguistic contexts and sometimes provide images which reduces the susceptibility to forget.

6. Wie geht’s German

The goal of this app, it seeks to teach you basic phrases that are used in all activities of daily live in Germany. Divides the content according to the level of the learner or topic. After you have selected your level beginner , or average, or Advanced, you can decide whether you want to learn travelrelated phrases, going into business, health, sports, and others. There is also a special section for teaching grammar.

7. Slow German

Require an advanced level to practice in this app, then you can learn the German language through this application that focuses on pronounciation and listening .. you can read the text and listen at the same time to the audio reading the text by native speakers.

8. Der Die Das

Article in the German language is one of the most common difficulties that the learners are facing .. . This app helps you to deal with it.

9. DeutschAkademie

This application will learn you the grammar and provide you with explanations of grammatical problems, 20,000 (!) exercise will help you to master the German language grammar you will not find in any other application.

10. German verb conjugations by Brainscape

If you ask more German language learners about the most difficulties they face in the new language, the answer will be from the most „if not all“: Conjugations. And names change in the sentence, as the case number, or sex.


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