„Road to Granada“ – ein außergewöhnliches Projekt auf zwei Rädern

Seit Februar trainieren Mitarbeiter_innen des Flughafen München gemeinsam mit drei jungen Syrern. Das Team will nämlich binnen elf Tagen mit dem Rennrad das südspanische Granada erreichen. Diese Aktion soll nicht nur an das friedliche Zusammenleben zwischen Christen, Juden und Muslimen erinnern, sondern auch Geld für syrische Flüchtlinge einbringen. Ameen Nasir hat Khaled al Hussein interviewt:

„Hi, I am khaled Al Hussein from Syria . I come from Daraa City .

 What would you tell me about the project „Road to Granada“?

„The idea of it is to collect donations  to help the Syrian Refugee children, that they can  go to school in Lebanon. And our goal now is to drive our bicycle  from Munich Airport to Granada.  The distance is 2350 km and we do it in 10 days .

Who supports this project? 

„The official sponsor of our project is the  Munich airport. In Cooperation with Orient helfa in Munich which  will mange the donation in Lebanon. Also there are some other companies, which donate for the project. We have also a Web page, where people can visit and donate for Refugees through our project.

When this trip will begin?

„The trip will begin in 30th of Mai and we are supposed to arrive in 10th of June

How did the idea began and what is your part in it?

„We are 6 persons. 3 are Syrian refugees and 3 are workers in from the Munich airport. One of the workers in the airport did the trip last year and in this year he suggested the idea to collect donations .I get  invited to participate from Syrian e.v  then I decided to do it .In the beginning it was mad for me,  because I have not done sport since a long time, but then I felt it is a good chance to help the Syrians and donate for them.

How do you prepare for the trip?

I  am doing training every day –  we even go up to high mountains .



Von Ameen Nasir am 26. April 2016 um 12:26 Uhr